Alfons Preisinger

Expert reports in the offshore sector


The German Insurers Association estimates that the potential damage in offshore plants amounts to figures in the billion range.

This means that fires in wind power stations and associated technical installations, for example, can result in significant material damage and consequential costs due to their complex design. The losses from the EEG feed-in tariff alone as a result of technology failure are enormous in offshore plants. This leads to significantly higher costs due to the use of special ships required just to repair partial damage on plants in the sea.

To assess any resulting compensation claims, companies, insurers and courts require the help of external experts, who can objectively assess the circumstances on site. During this process, it is essential that the extent of the damage be assessed from a chemical point of view by an impartial and experienced expert.

We assess damage in the offshore sector all over the world for our clients, draw up suitable renovation concepts on site and oversee and monitor the renovation work.

A. Preisinger holds the necessary offshore and helicopter safety certificates for carrying out work in this field.

Reason enough to commission us as an impartial expert assessor, with our specialist knowledge and decades of experience in the field of fire and water damage.

Alfons Preisinger

We see our customers as our partners. Our entire range of services is available to insurance companies, brokers, corporations, public authorities, courts and private individuals. We actively help to ensure that normal business operations are resumed as quickly as possible.

Our field of activity covers all offshore areas, worldwide. Our reliability and performance are highlighted in numerous references. Our company is known for its short response times and prompt assessment at the site of the damage. The benefit lies is an impartial, analytical overview and the ability to quickly find approaches to solutions. Decisions are made on site. Restoration plans and contract specifications can be drawn up immediately at the site of the damage.

About the person

Alfons Preisinger is a publicly appointed and sworn expert. In over 35 years, he and his colleagues have amassed a wide variety of practical experience in his specialist fields of activity.

He has assessed major damage incidents both at home and abroad and has gained extensive knowledge of almost every branch of industry in the process.

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